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Arkansas Fishing Guide Service | Mountain Home Arkansas | Testimonials

My family and I had the privilege of fishing with Robert last week on Lake Norfork.  Robert is a professional fisherman and a professional storyteller.  He treated my wiife and my 8 and 10 year old sons to an amazing time.  Although the fish weren't going wild that morning (we caught 6 or 7), we still had a blast and we barely noticed because Robert kept us entertained with stories of lake and river fishing.  Our kids can't wait to get back to Lake Norfork and head out on the water with Lee's Lite Line. 

You underpromised and overdelivered on getting us the pics.  You got 'em here fast! 

 Thanks man, Sean


Five things:
 1) Awesome striper fishing.  We loved it.  Kids ate it up. 
2) Dry run was awesome.  Olive jigs and pheasant tail fly were money.
 **************IMPORTANT:  3) Don't forget to email us those pics!!!  We appreciate you taking them!
4) You better give that tip to your wife since we woke her up at 5am!
5) Thanks again my man!  Don't forget the pics!
 *We'll be sending other fisherman your way.  Keep telling your stories.  That's what our family liked the most.


As I wrote in a journal report a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to take my 2 sons, Steven (10) and Ryan (8) on a Guided Striper trip with Robert Lee owner of Lee’s Lite Line Guide Service on July 7, 2008. That was a trip of a lifetime that my two sons and I won’t soon forget. Not only did the trip bring a day of fun and excitement catching a “pile” of nice fish but it was also an educational experience for all of us, especially the boys. Enjoying the thrills of a guided striper trip was something I had always wanted to do and after meeting Robert Lee at a St. Louis area boat show 2 years ago I knew that he was the guide for us and the boys were at the right age. There is just something about catching big stripers on spinning tackle with 8 # line and that is what Lee’s Lite Line Guide service specializes in.

Lee’s Lite Line Guide Service is owned and operated by Robert Lee a full time professional fishing guide based out of Mountain Home Arkansas. Robert specializes in guided striper fishing on Norfork Lake as well as Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat Trout fishing trips on the White River and Norfork River. He established his guide service in 2003 and has since become one of the busiest guides on Norfork Lake in a very short amount of time. Robert and his family moved from the busy "city life" of California to pursue his dream of becoming a fishing guide in one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

Lee’s Lite Line Guide Service has grown tremendously because of 4 basic principals that he applies to himself; hard work, honesty, integrity and knowledge of the waters he guides on. When you add that all in with his fun and easy going personality, Robert makes fishing trips and family vacations here in Mountain Home Arkansas a great experience for all. My family and I had the pleasure of experiencing all of this first hand. We met Robert at Henderson Marina at 4:30 am for our trip and he had already been down at the lake since 1:30 am catching bait and making sure everything was in order to ensure a successful trip. Robert states that during his season of trips he is never off the water for more than 2 days in a row to make sure he is taking his clients to where the fish are.

Another important and attractive aspect of Lee’s Lite Line Guide Service is located within the name. He specializes in chasing those big Norfork Lake Stripers using spinning tackle and light line. Robert targets these stripers with 6 to 8 Lb line and explains “ there is nothing more exciting than hooking a 15-20 Lb striper on this outfit”. We can attest to that statement after our trip. We caught around 26 fish throughout the trip with a mix of nice size Stripers and Hybrids, watching the kids trying to reel in those fish on that gear was a site to see. By the end of the trip the boys were wore out from fighting all those fish.

On our trip Robert outfitted us with 6’ 6” Fishing Edge Rods and Shimano Reels spooled with 8Lb Andy Fishing Line. I had never heard of this line and he advised it was a saltwater line that he has been using years. He almost exclusively fishes with live bait over artificial bait almost 95% of the time. When asked why he simply stated, “I’ve seen what live bait can do. That’s why I use it. There are times when the fish go real deep and we have to vertical fish with a Jigging Spoon but other then that it is all live bait.” There are also times when he says he has to “troll” but prefers not to if he doesn’t have to. During the spring Robert says he normally finds the stripers “pushing the banks” in 25-30 feet of water and as the summer comes in he locates them from 40-50 feet but as deep as 70 feet at times. His best “big fish” times are in the early spring and in June and August. But as far as numbers goes Robert states that, “anytime is a good time here on Norfork”.

He also tries to make every trip a learning experience for all his clients. Roberts took the time out to explain every step he was taking when setting the lines and why we were fishing any particular spot. His personality is naturally easygoing and he enjoyed teaching the kids about his fishing. He took the time to point out on his graph the layers of shad and the stripers sitting under them as well as showing them the difference in the shad we were using. Explaining to them the difference between the Threadfin and the Gizzard shad and everything was explained on their level. That meant a lot to the boys and to myself. Robert even gave us a few spots for the following days we were going to be spending at the lake and every one of them produced fish for us.


If you have ever thought of booking a guided striper trip I would highly recommend contacting Robert Lee of Lee’s Lite Line Guide Service on Norfork Lake. Whether you are down for a family vacation or a trip with the guys Robert will put you on fish and help you stay on them for the rest of your trip.

You can contact Robert by phone at 1-870-492-5486 or through his E-mail at Robert@Leesliteline.com and for more information on his guided trips you can view his website at www.leesliteline.com

To read the details on our guided fishing trip with Robert go to my Pro-Staff page and click on my Journal Reports.




Dear Robert,

It was good to hear from you at Christmas! Morgan, Mom and I had a terrific time fishing with you last summer Mom made a 5X7 of her fish for all of her kids!  You made her 82nd birthday really special.  I hope we can come back again, you are a great guide and I hope year business continues to grow.  Take Care  Kathy Pattison

 Hello!  From sunny but cool Alhambra Illinois.  10/28/2006

 I put all our vacation pictures in a scrap book and every time I look at it, it makes me giggle.  That day was a lot of fun!  We are looking forward to fishing with you again.  Maybe we could go out and get a pizza and meet your wife.  Thanks again!!! Have a nice winter and Holiday season.   Pete & Eva Babic 

 I would like to thank you for the great fishing trip we had.  There is very few times 4 fisherman in the same boat is all hooked up with good fish at the same time.  we did it at least 5 times.  I am glad my friend (Kim Campbell) suggested we use you.  Kim and I and the boys will be back again.  Thanks again  Kevin Payne      5/29/2007

 YO! Robert!

As I look forward to our trip this weekend I can hardly contain myself in anticipation of what is coming!  This will be my 4th trip with you and it seems each one is better than the last.  You do everything humanly possible to make sure the trips have been a success, even calling your dear patient wife to get more hooks and making her late for work, to going the extra mile to get bait.  I CAN HARDLY WAIT!  I have brought family and friends with me and they all say the same thing, "WHAT A TRIP!".  Again, thanks and I am looking forward to this weekend.      Andy Flannigan   5/28/2007

 I have been fishing on Lake Norfork for 20 years, and been to Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.  I have never found a more pleasant and dedicated guide than Robert Lee.  Last year we booked Robert for 3 trips; one trip in April, one in May, and one in July.  We averaged over 35 fish each time in a half day of fishing for striped bass including one 23 pound striper and dozens over ten pounds.  Going back again this year.  Can't wait!

Thomas R. Stubbs

Robert, I just wanted to drop you a line letting you know what a fabulous time I had on my fishing trip.  I've fished from Texas to Rhode Island for years and this has been the best guided trip I've ever been on.  Everything we discussed or decided to do worked out great.  I've told several people how great it was and that your the guide I highly recommend for anyone going to Arkansas.  I didn't think four hours a day of fishing was enough but it was perfect.  Anything longer and my arms wouldn't have been able to hold up.  That 3rd day was the killer - a 26 lb striper on lite tackle is hard to believe but we both know it happened.  I didn't think that with the lite line and tackle it could happen - but it did, and it was a blast.  I can't thank you enough for this experience and I can't wait to come back.  I have already convinced my entire family to go back to fish and enjoy the area.  Continue doing whatever your doing because its working.  I'll be calling you to schedule another trip in the near future.  Hope nobody gets one bigger than mine till I get back.  (Just kidding!)  Thanks so much. 

Dick Donahue


Dear Robert,

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the striper trip on Lake Norfork.  You are a great guide and also very personable.
I would recommend your services to anyone who loves to fish.  My son caught the biggest fish of his life (a 17lb striper) and my nephew and I also caught several in the 7lb to 10lb range.

Thanks Again!!!!Joey

Painted Spur Ranch, Inc.

Paint Halter and Performance Horses

Home of multiple world champion stallion “Pocos Dizzy Sky”

 Dear Mr. Lee:

 Well, I just don’t know how to thank you for the most incredible fishing trip my husband has ever had.

Wish I could have been there. We travel extensively together going to Jamaica a couple times a year, Dominican Republic, which included deep sea fishing, Alaska, which included taking a seaplane up in the mountains and fly fishing for Dolly Vardin, and several other places, always together. Last year I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said “You know honey, you are my best friend but I’d really like to go fishing just with my GUY best friends” Oh my god! Not with me? After recovering from the shock I started looking for the best fishing trip I could find for my sweetie. It took about a week on the internet, lots of calls and emails then I came across your website. 

From that moment after talking with you my search was over. You are the sweetest, most patient person when it comes to helping women send their husband off with a bunch of guys to another state to go fishing. I had no idea if I was sending them where the fishing might be good or not. I want to thank you for everything you did to help me get this trip organized. Starting from meeting with cabin owners to get a beautiful cabin on the lake where my husband and his crew would only have to walk from the front porch to the waterside to be picked up to go fishing. To having to talk to the cabin owners and have them refund the payment that was made in full since my husband injured himself and tore his MCL which was operated on so we had to reschedule the whole trip. 

As if that wasn’t enough, when he was healed and ready to go you went to the trouble to locate another cabin, which turned out better than the first cuz it was closer to the fish when he finally got to come in June. 

I don’t know what you did but when my husband, his brother, nephew and best friend came back home they looked like they had smoked something cuz they were still on an incredible high and could’nt stop talking about you and the fish they caught. Dick (Doug’s best friend) caught the record on your boat for the year (26 pounds on 6# test) WOW!!!!!!!!!

We had to get four sets of pictures made because everyone wanted copies and took them to show their friends, co-workers and anyone else who would listen to their fish stories. Only these stories were for real. I had no idea when I found you that as my husband says “Was the best fishing trip of his life”, with all those who went with him nodding their heads in agreement. Darn the fish Dick caught looks as long as he is tall. 

It was so great for them that guess who gets to come back and go fishing with you? Doug and his female best friend (ME). Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

 It’s one thing for me to set up a trip it’s entirely another thing for you to make it “THE BEST FISHING TRIP IN HIS LIFE” I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this so special for me and my wonderful husband. You are the BOMB. Should you ever come to Texas you are more than welcome in our home to come by and sit a spell. We would love to hear more fish stories.


 Sky McDougal